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It is not unusual to fear a tinge of nervousness and anxiety before surgery. The fear of pain and lack of control are common reasons for this anxiety. But IVF is not a surgery. It is long yet a simple procedure that is far from a surgery.

“So is IVF painful?”

This is one of the most common questions we are asked at our IVF centre in Hyderabad. So to clear the doubts once and for all, we have decided to answer this question thoroughly in this blog today.

Here we go through the steps where the majority of people assume the incidence of pain and help understand what they can genuinely expect at each step.

But first to jog the memory of the reader we present a basic outline of the IVF procedure:

Steps in IVF procedure:

The IVF treatment begins with ovary stimulation that triggers the production of multiple healthy eggs. The eggs are retrieved in the facility, fertilized with sperm and cultured to become healthy embryos. These embryos are then transferred into the uterus of the woman to complete the basic IVF procedure.

Hormone injection used to stimulate ovaries, egg retrieval and embryo transfer are three steps that may incite anxiety in the patient. So does IVF hurt? Do these three steps in IVF cause pain? Let us find out:

A higher number of available eggs stronger the chances of pregnancy in women when it comes to IVF. Since the ovaries of a woman only produce 1 egg/per month fertility specialists safely stimulate superovulation to develop the required the number of eggs needed for IVF treatment.

Do hormone injections in IVF cause pain?

Ovaries are stimulated using fertility drugs to ensure the production of multiple healthy eggs in women. These fertility drugs are administered using hormone injections.

But here’s the catch: These needles of injection used in IVF treatments are tiny and thin. They are designed specifically to deliver the medication with minimum pain.

So these tiny needle injections are not at all matter of concern in IVF.

So these tiny needle injections are not at all matter of concern in IVF.

This ovulation process usually takes 8-14 days during which few women can experience mood swings, bloating and minor headaches. All these side effects are pretty normal in ovarian stimulation. The IVF expert at Kamineni Fertility will continuously monitor the status with blood tests and ultrasound.

So does an injection in IVF cause pain? “Not more than a harmless pinch at best”, says our IVF expert at Kamineni Fertility, the best IVF centre in Hyderabad.

Does egg retrieval in IVF cause pain?

It doesn’t; the egg retrieval process is free from pain and discomfort

The act of egg retrieval may conjure up an invasive and painful process. But inreality, this step of IVF is far from pain. The patients during egg retrieval are given medication and are sedated to make the process pain-free.

However, due to the stimulation in the previous step and retrieval in this one, the patient may experience mild cramps and pressure which is quite common. These mild aches can be easily treated by using over-the-counter medications. One can easily get back to their daily routine within a day or two.

Does embryo transfer on IVF cause pain?

The embryo transfer involves the transfer of the cultured embryos into the uterus of the woman. The transfer may again trigger a wave of anxiety but any women who have successfully reached this step feels otherwise.

The transfer is performed with an advanced syringe attached to the catheter. Unlike the equipment involves women never feel the syringe but may feel the mild pressure of the catheter which is harmless. Though this invasive step may sound heavy, it is almost similar to vaginal ultrasound or a simple Pap smear. Yes, embryo transfer feels that's simple.

Having said that, pain can take multiple forms. Physical pain is never an issue in an IVF treatment. However, it has many intricacies that may pose a variety of challenges – physical, mental and emotional. Only the best IVF specialist in Hyderabad with vast experience can ensure comfortable success.

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