Traditionally, the tissue lines the uterine wall. When this grows outside of the uterus, the condition is called Endometriosis. If left untreated these endometrial patches that extend outside the uterus can cause infertility by blocking the fallopian tubes and adhesions.

In chronic cases, the tissue surrounding the uterus gets inflamed and develops scar tissue. An extremely painful condition, endometriosis can cause cysts to grow on the uterus. These cysts on the uterus are bubbles filled with blood and are generally called “Chocolate Cysts”.

Other causes of endometriosis that women experience include:

A long menstrual cycle of more than 35 days

A short menstrual cycle of under 21 days

Irregular or absent menstrual cycle, suggesting that the woman is not ovulating


Women diagnosed with endometriosis experience painful menstrual cycles, bowel movements, urination, and sex.


Diagnostic laparoscopy reveals the location of the endometriosis patches. An ultrasound scan generally reveals chocolate cysts.

Applying diathermy to the patches brings down the inflammation, while performing a cystectomy will remove the cysts from the uterine wall. This results in pregnancy.

By applying diathermy to the patches brings down the inflammation while performing a cystectomy will remove the cysts with the uterine wall. This results in pregnancy.


At KFC, we realize the need for swift and appropriate action. In the case of endometriosis, leaving it untreated only worsens the condition in at least four out of 10 cases.

The chief objective of treating endometriosis is to reduce the pain and help the couple conceive. To achieve this objective, we offer painkillers for a limited time and hormone treatments in the long term. GnRH injections are given to the woman, which proves to be very effective.

Another type of treatment we offer is surgery. We conduct laparoscopy using an HD camera to diagnose and treat endometriotic patches in the stomach and remove any cysts. With laparoscopy, blocked tubes can be opened in the fallopian tubes while cysts can be removed by surgery.

If infertility is a long-term problem, advanced procedures can be used, such as IUI and IVF-ICSI/IMSI.


Our entire team of fertility experts works collaboratively to come up with an effective treatment plan tailor-made for each patient.

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