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Proud Parents from Kamineni Fertility Centre.

I want to convey my heartfelt thanks to Kamineni Fertility Centre for helping me become a mother. Before KFC we have visited a lot of hospitals for a year but no one could help us out, increasing our confusion and anxiety. It was through LB Nagar Kamineni Hospital that we came across KFC. Though I was hesitant at first, my husband persuaded me to give it a try. I am very glad that the Doctor, Counselor, nursing staff was so helpful and answered all my queries with a smile.

I would also like to convey thanks from my husband’s side who went through a lot of trouble for his tests and analysis.

We went to a lot of other places, but we never got the right proper environment that could prepare us mentally and where our tests would be conducted peacefully.

Words would not suffice how thankful we are to the Centre and Dr. Alia Reddy, Nurse Mercy, who have helped us and always clarified out doubts. I would urge KFC to spread awareness to couples about infertility and those who don’t have proper information or direction to get their treatment done.

Thank you, Kamineni Fertility Centre.


Kamineni Fertility Centre is an incredible organization and everyone who works there should be very proud of everything they do to help the patients. I really want to personally thank the Doctors at Kamineni Fertility Centre for all the kind words, support that they gave to us during the treatment.

We were treated with such care and dignity, we immensely appreciate it.

We also want to thank the wonderful Nurses who took care of us.


We have been trying out different hospitals over the last two years in Nizambad, but we weren’t satisfied with the outcome or response. We finally found our peace at Kamineni Fertility Centre where the doctors explained in detail about the procedure with diagrams and in depth. We felt like we had entered a Temple when we came here.

Even the counselor was very helpful and explained every detail about the packages and procedures to us.

I would suggest Kamineni Fertility Centre to all my friends and to everyone in Hyderabad that if anyone wants to go for IVF they should come here.


I came to Kamineni Fertility Centre for Fertility treatment in January 2015. We met the Andrologist here who took our case history and guided us. I am very happy to have conceived through IVF. All the doctors and nursing staff were very compassionate and boosted our morale as well.

The Chief Embryologist was very friendly and cleared all our doubts related to embryology.

This institution has the best state of art equipment and laboratory. Hygienic environment with the best sterilization, which attracted us for our treatment. Over all we have had the best experience and we would recommend all our friends in need.


Kamineni Fertility Center, stands true to its tag line ‘Life begins here’. A new life, full of joy and happiness truly began for us after coming here. I visited the Centre having full faith in the services provided by the center. I was referred to the Centre by my friend who successfully conceived through IVF.

The team of doctors at Kamineni Fertility Centre were very helpful, caring, cooperative and supportive.

They never made me feel like I was undergoing treatment, the staff was polite pleasant and caring.

After assessing my medical and physical factors the procedure decided for me was through Natural Cycle IVF. The whole process was totally painless and throughout the procedures the Doctor guided and counseled me to go through with it with confidence.

I feel more than the procedure, it was the confidence, positivity and the friendliness I received from the Centre that gave me the result. I would like to thank Kamineni Fertility Centre for giving me the joy of becoming a ‘mother’. I wish the whole team good luck and more success.


We would like to thank the Hospital and the team for treating us. We really appreciated the ambience, the cleanliness and the friendly nature of the staff at the Center. We really appreciated the behavior of the Doctors towards the patients, they were charming, kind hearted and pleasing during the treatment and gave us a positive result.


As I was an Azoospermia patient, I had no hopes of being able to become a Father. But, at Kamineni Fertility Center, the team explained about the factors of Azoospermia, how it can be treated and gave me the confidence to undergo IVF treatment.

The staff of Kamineni Fertility Centre has taken good care of my wife and the result is positive. From now on, I will lead a positive and happy life. I am very thankful to the whole team of Kamineni Fertility Center.


I am an Azoospermia patient, my wife and I underwent through IUI procedure and conceive in the first try. Kamineni Fertility Centre is very good in service and caring for the patients. I want to thank all the Doctors, the staff and the management.



I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to the faculty and doctors of Kamineni Fertility Centre.

The environment is so good and different here. The counselor, nurses the whole staff guided us really well.

We got married 3 years back and we came here for planning our pregnancy. After taking the valuable advice from the doctor and counsellor I conceived in the same month.

Thanks to Kamineni Fertility Centre.


We have been trying to conceive for the last 6 year. I was referred to Kamineni Fertility Centre by a doctor. The doctors here clearly explained to me what the problem was and within two months my wife conceived through IVF, we felt very happy and satisfied. The staff and the team are very nice and we were given 100% assurance by the team. We are thankful to Kamineni Fertility Center.


I have been married for 20 years and we have not been able to conceive, the doctor said that there was problem with my Endometrium and I received treatment for that first. Then, the process for IVF began. I was referred to Kamineni Fertility Centre by my doctor and I am very happy that I came here.


Kamineni Fertility Centre gave me the confidence to conceive. The doctors clearly explained about all the details, unlike other centers who scared. The care and attention given to us here was incredible. The cleanliness and hygiene of the Centre is excellent and the more we appreciate the center, the less it is.

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