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Basic Evaluation

Fertility Awareness

Over the years, it became more apparent to us that not only treatment but also awareness about the causes of infertility are essential. Hence, due to the constantly increasing population, priorities and demands of people, it is essential that the men and women, both be aware of the risks of increasing cases of infertility.

At Kamineni Fertility Center, we not only assess the reproductive potential of the couple but also provide valuable advice. We also educate them about the best time and age to start a family and guide them about any fertility related issues or questions

Our team of experts not only provide curative medicine but also focus on preventive and educative methods of dealing with infertility.

Fertility Evaluation

In a fast-paced world, everyone is constantly career focused and want things to be done and evaluated quickly. Kamineni Fertility Centre aims to provide all the fertility evaluation services under one roof.

  • The evaluation of infertility is done for both – husband and wife.
  • The couple is advised to go through a series of medical tests, scans and X-rays in order to establish the root cause of infertility.
  • Once, the cause is identified, the couple is counseled about the methods and options of treatment for achieving a successful pregnancy.

Some of the basic Infertility Evaluation Tests that Kamineni Fertility Centre provides are;

  • - Semen Analysis is done by the embryologist.
  • - Blood Tests (FSH, LH, Thyroid, Testosterone, Progesterone, etc.)
  • - Imaging (Sonography, Ultrasound, Follicular tracking)
  • - Special Chromosomal and Genetic testing.
  • - Tests for PCOS, Lipid Profile and Insulin levels etc.
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