Recurrent Miscarriages

You're naturally overjoyed when you’ve been struggling to conceive and get pregnant. Everything in your life seems to go well till the day you miscarry. Suddenly, your world falls apart with no pregnancy and no chance of having the baby you dreamed of giving birth to.

So, after a while, you try to conceive again and end up with the same miserable result. You probably wonder, “Why me?” Well, there are reasons for this, and you’re not alone.

Important Statistics

About 7.5% of all pregnancies in India end up in recurrent miscarriages. About 17%-25% of all pregnant women have two miscarriages, and 25%-46% of pregnant women have three consecutive miscarriages. The risk of miscarriages grows with a woman’s age and history of infertility.

Typically, a miscarriage occurs before a woman is 26-28 weeks pregnant. About 20% of pregnant women miscarry within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Though 25% of all pregnant women have at least one miscarriage, recurrent miscarriages are common to just one percent of pregnant women.

Causes of Recurrent Miscarriages

The causes of recurrent miscarriages largely depend on the time of miscarriage, patient history, and the investigations done. However, they are largely due to infective, thrombophilic, genetic, and hormonal causes.

Recurrent miscarriages are also due to:


The condition is called translocation when one partner's eggs or sperm has abnormal chromosomes and is passed on to the other. The embryo might receive too many wrong chromosomes.

Asherman Syndrome

Asherman Syndrome causes growths such as polyps or fibroids and uterine scars, leading to miscarriage.

Genetic Uterus Problems

A septate uterus is one of the problems with a uterus that leads to recurrent miscarriages. Here, the uterus is divided into two parts, causing pregnancy complications such as miscarriage.

Other medical conditions responsible for multiple miscarriages are:

Nothing a woman does causes repeat miscarriages, such as housework, exercise, etc. It is the result of a fall or a blow. So, no woman should blame herself for repeat miscarriages nor allow anyone to blame her.


If you tell your doctor you’ve had three miscarriages, he will ask for your medical history and past pregnancies. He will conduct a physical exam and ask for blood tests, imaging tests of the uterus, and special tests to test for genetic reasons.


Depending on the cause, the doctor will treat the problem with medicine, genetic counseling, and corrective surgery.

Medical Management

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