Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained Infertility (UI) represents approximately 30% of all cases.

A couple that has been assigned the diagnosis of unexplained infertility (UI) obviously suffers from infertility and has undergone a diagnostic workup that failed to reveal a credible underlying cause for their condition.

In other words, the diagnosis of UI is reached by default; it is a negative diagnosis, suggesting that a clinical problem exists but that the probable cause for this problem has remained elusive.

The reasons why underlying problems may not be identified can, of course, vary. One possibility is that there is no one obvious cause for a couple's infertility and that their problem may be the result of multiple minor aberrations in how their respective reproductive systems cooperate.

After all, the successful establishment of pregnancy is a highly complex process, and, at least on a theoretical level, one can assume circumstances where male and female fertility, each, are affected only to such a mild degree that standard diagnostic test results would still be considered within normal parameters. Yet, together, the reduction in the couple's combined fertility potential is large enough to cause infertility.

Causes of UI

The causes of UI vary. Possible reasons for UI are:

Fallopian Tube Abnormalities

Normally, during the reproduction process following ovulation, the fimbria in women picks up eggs in the ovary. Abnormalities in the fallopian tube occur when this mechanism of picking up eggs is faulty. Another related cause could be the malfunctioning of the cilia in the tube.

Inability of the Sperm to Penetrate Eggs

Though the male partner’s sperm is found to be normal, yet it may be unable to breach the eggs. The IVF process can detect this problem. In such a situation, the donor sperm can be used. If it fertilizes, the man’s egg can’t breach the eggs.

Immune System

When the immune system in men reacts with the sperm and destroys it, the sperm may not be mobile enough. However, women could possibly have an immune reaction in the eggs’ coating which stop’s the sperm from entering it.

Abnormal Structure of Eggs

Though eggs are produced and released in the normal course, yet they develop abnormal structures. This is called a chromosomal anomaly which can be determined by a pre-implantation genetic test done on the embryo.

Trapped Eggs

In some cases, the corpus luteum is unbroken and healthy eggs are produced normally, they may be trapped inside the luteum.

Defective Endometrium Wall

If women have problems with their uterine wall, they are diagnosed as infertile. This is because of the problems in the endometrium wall that stop the passage of the sperms implanting onto it.

Ultrasound scans can examine this condition via the vagina. Doctors will be able to examine the thickness of the endometrium and perhaps find that this wall is too thin due to inadequate blood flow to it.

Psychological Issues

One’s hormonal cycle may be affected if emotionally disturbed. Since our hormones are directly linked to the brain, these hormones are responsible for causing fertility issues.

Treatment of Unexplained Infertility

Various proven treatment methods are used to treat UI. These are:

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

ART treatment includes in vitro fertilization and intrauterine insemination (IUI). IVF works by creating lab embryos using the donors’ eggs and sperms and placing the embryo to the uterus to grow there.


Medications that encourage ovulation and egg production are given to patients along with ART or singly.

Improve Intercourse Timing

Patients can improve their chances of conception by asking the doctor to record their temperature, draw up their menstrual cycle or use ovulation kits.

Lifestyle Changes

Patients can bring about the following changes in their lifestyles to increase their chances of conception:


Our entire team of fertility experts works collaboratively to come up with an effective treatment plan tailor-made for each patient.

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