Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a laboratory procedure where fast moving sperms are separated from more sluggish or non-moving sperms. The fast moving sperms are then placed directly into the woman's womb at the time of ovulation (when egg is released). It may be done with or without fertility drugs. IUI is done around the time of ovulation or in conjunction with fertility drugs to maximize the likelihood of conception.


At Kamineni, IUI is performed:


  • Step 1 - Tracking ovulation
  • Step 2 - Inserting Sperm

Tracking Ovulation
For patients who are not using fertility drugs, IUI is done based on their ovulation. It can be done follicular tracking vaginal ultrasound or ovulation predictor kits usually between day 12 and day 16 of the monthly cycle.

For patients, using fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation, developments of eggs are monitored by vaginal ultrasound scans. As soon as an egg is mature, trigger (hormone) injection given to release the egg.

Inserting Sperm
The sperms are inserted 36 to 40 hours later, by the doctor through the vaginal speculum (a special instrument that keeps your vaginal walls apart). A small catheter (a soft, flexible tube) is then threaded into the womb via the cervix. The best quality sperm are selected and inserted through the catheter. The whole process takes just a few minutes and is usually a painless procedure but some women may experience a temporary, menstrual-like cramp.


  • Step 1 - Collecting Sperm
  • Step 2 – Separating Quality Sperm
  • Step 3 – Inserting into Uterus

Collecting Sperm
Men will be asked to produce a sperm sample on the day the treatment takes place by masturbation.

Separating Quality Sperm
The sperms are washed to remove the fluid surrounding them and the rapidly moving sperm separated out.

Inserting into Uterus
The rapidly moving sperm are placed in a small catheter (tube) to be inserted into the womb.

Why Kamineni Fertility Centre

At Kamineni, an ICMR recognized clinic, we stay ahead on all the new developments in the ever-growing field of reproductive medicine. By optimizing assisted reproductive technologies and providing ethical and transparent procedures, we raise the bar of excellence, so patients achieve their ultimate goal – being parents. We are a team of skilled, experienced doctors, nurses and staff dedicated to caring for patients through thoughtful, cost-effective and, most importantly, honest treatment with an individualized, tailored approach. Our outstanding reputation for state-of-the-art labs, patient care and high success rates have been recognized across India.

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Our entire team of fertility experts works collaboratively to come up with an effective treatment plan tailor-made for each patient.

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