3 Key Factors That Impact the Success Rate of IUI

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IVF is often the first procedure that comes into mind when a couple wants to seek help from fertility experts. But not every couple needs to undergo the extensive IVF process to make their parenthood dreams come true. Some procedures like IUI offer simple, quick & cost-effective ways to increase the chances of conception for some instances of infertility.

In India, where the infertility problem has been rising for the last ten years, IUI has been a ray of hope for hundreds and thousands of couples. As a leading IUI treatment clinic in Hyderabad, Kamineni Fertility actively leverages IUI to enable a healthy conception and realize their parenthood dreams.

However, one must never forget that IUI is only suitable for certain infertilities. Even in such cases, the success of IUI is determined by four key factors which play a significant role in the outcome, according to our fertility experts at Kamineni Fertility.

Being aware of these critical factors will not only help understand the suitability of the procedure but also help make possible adjustments to improvise the outcome. So, with inputs from our fertility experts at our IUI & IVF treatment centre in Hyderabad.

Read on to know them:

Causes of infertility decide the viability and success of IUI:

IUI, in the majority of cases, is recommended to help when sperm-related problems, ejaculation dysfunction, mild endometriosis or ovulation problems in women cause infertility. Even in these cases, the success rate of IUI varies based on the severity of the condition.

For example, a higher sperm count offers a greater chance of conception in infertility cases caused by sperm-related problems. In cases where endometriosis is the cause of infertility, the milder the condition higher is the chance of IUI success. IUI treatment offers the lowest success rates in patients with moderate to severe endometriosis, fallopian tube blockage and multiple pelvic infections.

Age is a critical factor for IUI success rate:

Like every other fertility procedure, age is crucial for successful conception using IUI. As the quality of eggs goes down significantly after age 35, the success rate of IUI also takes a hit after this age. The average success rate of IUI is 15% for women under age 35; it may shrink down to 10% as one approaches 40. To compensate, repeated IUI cycles are performed to increase the chances of pregnancy. In a few cases, when IUI doesn’t yield satisfactory results, fertility experts suggest IVF better the chances. For more information on IUI vs IVF, you can check out our blog here.

IUI Success - Timing of the procedure holds the key too:

IUI is a perfectly timed procedure where a doctor administers fertility medications and monitors the cycle. Imaging studies and blood work are used to accurately track the menstrual cycle to ensure the right timing for the procedure performed on the ovulation day. Delays in the process or in accurate monitoring can reduce the chances of success. This is why it is always recommended to consult IUI specialists in Hyderabad with the right expertise, infrastructure and, more importantly, a verifiable track record in ensuring successful pregnancy through IUI.

With one of the highest success rates in IUI, Kamineni Fertility is the leading IUI treatment centre in Hyderabad that has helped thousands of couples enjoy the gift of parenthood. And we can help you too. If you are looking for a fertility centre in Hyderabad, you can contact us here: https://www.kaminenifertility.com/

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