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Advanced reproductive treatments like IVF are a boon to a couple who fall short of natural conception due to a variety of medical reasons. Millions of couples were able to enjoy the bliss of parenthood in the last three decades with the help of these advanced fertility procedures like IVF.

That said, IVF is not a one-shot solution that bypasses the arduous journey of natural conception. IVF presents its unique challenges to your partner which can be stressful at times

IVF is effective, but it is can be challenging & arduous without right support

An IVF treatment entails the removal of eggs from a woman’s body, fertilization and culture of embryos which are returned to the woman’s uterus for regular growth. While this may look like straight forward process, it is not. As much as it is a boon to millions of couples around the world, IVF does demand a lot of effort from the couple.

  • IVF is a long procedure that involves ovarian stimulation, oocyte retrieval and laboratory techniques, each step spanning weeks at a stretch.
  • Each step is customized based on age and medical status. And the whole process is a long journey that can take months of hope, care and careful monitoring by IVF experts.

The road to happy parenthood is filled with a plethora of doctors’ check-ups, multiple rounds of treatment, and enormous commitment and dedication. So having a supporting partner goes a long way in making this journey less draining and exhausting for the women.

IVF is less stressful & more fulfilling with the right support from a partner:

The role of the partner during the IVF process is key for a hassle-free journey. And honestly, those are big shoes to fill during the IVF procedure. But don’t worry Kameneni Fertility is here to help. Being one of the best IVF centres in Hyderabad we have helped hundreds of couples realize their dream of parenthood in the smoothest manner possible.

If you are partner is going to embark on IVF treatment here are a few ways you can help her better cope with the stress and anxiety of the IVF journey:

Improve awareness & plan things: The first thing any partner can do is to know the inside outs of the IVF journey. This helps you anticipate the challenges and problems that may arise along the course.

With the right information and improved awareness, it is easy to plan things and take initiative to smoothen and simplify the journey. So stay in contact and discuss everything in detail about the treatment course with an IVF specialist before you embark on the journey.

Understand her mood swings: Regular hormone injections during the IVF trigger mood swings for the partner. Highs can go higher and lows will go lower than the normal and this can be unsettling for you as a partner. Understand that she is not being her normal self and hormonal injections are the reason why. So stay put and let go of minor discords like they never happened.

Be an active participant - listen & share: As IVF treatment is adopted when natural conception is not possible, a lot is riding on this treatment option which naturally triggers a lot of doubts in her mind. Sometimes all you have to do is to be actively available and listen to her thoughts and queries whenever she feels like talking – which is most of the time.

In the same vein, bottling all your thoughts and emotions can overwhelm you too. Understand that you are a team and share your feeling to let them know she is not alone in this journey.

Cut down her everyday hassles and household chores: With so much emotional and physical baggage on her plate, it is not optimal for the woman to go through the everyday household chores.

The physical and mental stress caused by regular IVF sessions can be draining and it is natural to feel tired and less energetic to cater to the daily to-do list. Providing adequate help in grocery shopping, meal preparation, dishwashing and laundry can go long way in easing the journey for her.

Be her rock and her biggest fan: The physical and mental stress that is brought upon by IVF can bruise any woman’s self-esteem and as said above the wild mood swings can further aggravate them too. So avoid being sarcastic or critical of the condition.

You can communicate subtle admiration for her strength & commitment and reassure a positive outcome at the end. At our IVF clinic in Hyderabad, we suggest partners to involve her in activities that may take her mind off fertility treatments. A movie or dinner outing, a visit to a salon or stand-up can make a real difference here.

Seek couple counselling if necessary: IVF is a challenging journey and without preparation, it can be slightly overwhelming for the couple undergoing the treatment. So it is quite natural and in fact, it is very much suggested to seek professional help for a better outcome. One must always be open to seeking help as a couple or as a partner at any point in the journey. This is also the reason why our IVF treatment in Hyderabad at Kameneni Fertility involves counselling for a couple to ensure the smoothest and most seamless IVF journey possible.

IVF without the right support and help can alienating experience for women. The physical presence, emotional support and camaraderie of the partner are absolutely important along with the expertise of the IVF specialists. At Kameneni Fertility we offer the most comprehensive IVF treatment in Hyderabad which has helped hundreds of couples successfully compete their IVF journey and fulfil their dream of parenthood.

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