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Why Does It Happen?

IVF is the gold-standard fertility treatment procedure that steers clear of every type of fertility issue to help a woman conceive. A very controlled, precise process, and as a result an extensive process, IVF offers the best possible pregnancy chance for any woman.

Yet, human reproduction is a complex physiological process to tame. This is why on average it takes 3 cycles for a woman to conceive using IVF treatment in most cases.

As one of the leading IVF fertility centres in Hyderabad, we score success on the first try in the majority of cases. But negative IVF has become common across other IVF hospitals in Hyderabad, due to the following reasons:

  • Embryo implantation issues: “More than 85% of the IVF failure cases are due to embryo implantation problems”, says our fertility specialist.

  • In general, poor quality, eggs lead to poor-quality embryos. But in a few cases, even quality embryos from good quality eggs fail to implant in the uterus due to invisible defects. The reasons are termed ‘black box’ because they are not easily deciphered and are hard to prevent even at the best IVF clinics in Hyderabad.

  • Ovarian stimulation problems: Not every woman responds the same way to follicle-stimulating hormones. In a few cases, the drugs fail to stimulate enough healthy egg production in a woman and when the age is not on our side, this under-stimulation may reduce the pregnancy chances.
  • Chromosomal abnormalities: Chromosomal abnormality is a result of a missing portion of chromosomal DNA. It is another reason that is hard to identify and hence may present a risk when it dodges the careful eye of an infertility specialist. This abnormality results in irregular implantation issues which ultimately result in IVF failure. Since these abnormalities are inherited, the chance of detection depends on the dexterity of the fertility specialists.

  • At Kamineni Fertility, we completely test the 23 pairs of chromosomes to examine the gene abnormalities so as to utilize healthy embryos

  • Lifestyle & age: Healthy lifestyle of both partners is key for IVF success. For example, smoking is often the first thing that is advised to stop weeks, even months before an IVF cycle. Similarly, alcohol and recreational drugs dampen the chances of success by a fair margin. Age is another factor that influences the success of IVF. Women above age 35 tend to experience success in their second and third IVF cycles.

  • But the failure in the first IVF cycle is not an end to the parenthood dreams of the couple. The negative IVF first tries to shed light on invisible defects that cause negative IVF. A fertility specialist identifies the defect and mitigates it to improve the chances on the second try.

    As one of the pioneers of IVF treatment in Hyderabad, Kamineni Fertility has been able to identify and fix reproductive issues in hundreds and thousands of couples in the last decade. This helped us fine-tune our IVF programs to ensure the highest success rate for a couple seeking IVF treatment in Hyderabad.

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