IVF Treatment in Hyderabad at Kamineni Fertility - A Complete Step-By-Step Procedure:

IVF Treatment Center in Hyderabad

IVF treatment is a god-send for couples whose dream of parenthood was thwarted by fertility problems. Though it has been around for more than 4 decades, it is only in the last decade that IVF has truly become a mainstream fertility procedure.

Lack of right information and social stigma around the procedure are two main reasons for the slightly delayed adoption in India. Fortunately, it has grown leaps and bound in the last few years making the parenthood dream come true for millions of childless couples.

However, there still seems to be a slight ambiguity about the steps involved in IVF treatment and this is what we aim to clear with this blog. Today we give the most comprehensive outline of IVF treatment in Hyderabad with a step-by-step guide.

Whether you are a couple contemplating IVF and are looking to know more about this procedure then this is what you should know about the steps involved in IVF treatment:

Step-1. Superovulation to boost egg production in women:

A higher number of available eggs stronger the chances of pregnancy in women when it comes to IVF. Since the ovaries of a woman only produce 1 egg/per month fertility specialists safely stimulate superovulation to develop the required the number of eggs needed for IVF treatment.

Fertility medications are injected in this step to induce super-ovulation. This step is performed with two goals in mind:

  • Stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs.
  • Ensure each egg is sufficiently matured when needed for retrieval.

During an IVF treatment, fertility specialists aim to collect 8-15 eggs which is considered a good number to start step 2.

Step-2: Safe and Painless Retrieval of Eggs:

After careful monitoring, the IVF specialists zeroes in on the date of egg retrieval and collection. To ensure proper maturity, the woman may receive medication for two days before the retrieval.

A team of IVF specialists perform egg retrieval as an outpatient procedure after giving a medication that prevents pain and discomfort. They use ultrasound to retrieve the eggs using a tiny suction-like device which is inserted into the vagina. A mild cramp-like sensation may be experienced by the women but it soon subsided in a day.

Step-3: Sperm Collection from Partner or Donor:

The third step involves the collection of sperm from the partner or sperm donor. Masturbation is the most common method to collect sperm. But the entire collection procedure has to follow the specific guidelines of the IVF clinic.

Here are a few common instructions given to men before semen collection at our IVF centre in Hyderabad includes:

Refrain from sexual activity or ejaculation for at least two days. The abstinence period must not be more than 5 days before the collection of the sample.

Wash and dry your hands before the collection of semen. Adequately cleansing the penis is also recommended. Semen must only be collected in the specific jar provided by the IVF clinic.

Step-4: Fertilization – Uniting the Sperm and Egg:

The retrieved eggs are transferred to a special culture medium where the sperm is finally combined with the eggs. One of the two methods used by IVF specialists to ensure fertilization:

  • IVF where the sperm and egg are left in the medium for natural fertilization to happen.
  • ICSI, where the sperm is manually injected into the egg for fertilization with special apparatus in the lab.

IVF or ICSI the right procedure is selected by the IVF specialist based on the sperm parameters and other fertility issues of the couple.

Step-5: Embryo Transfer for Pregnancy:

Right after the egg retrieval, a woman is prepped up with fertility medications that thicken the uterus lining for embryo implantation. After 3-5 days of fertilization, the multiple miniature embryos are transferred to the uterus in the IVF clinic. Multiple embryos are transferred to the uterus to increase the chances of one successful implantation. In a few cases, more than one embryo gets implanted and this is why multiples tend to be common among women who receive IVF treatment for pregnancy.

The above step-by-step procedure is the basic outline of every IVF treatment in the world. However, success is in the details. Each of the above steps can present a slew of challenges that need the right expertise, guidance and support which only the best IVF specialists can provide.

As one of the best fertility centres in Hyderabad, Kamineni Fertility has been helping thousands of couples enjoy parenthood, for decades now. Our IVF specialists are veterans in IVF treatment who regularly work with a couple of all age groups to ensure the best possible outcome with world-class fertility treatment and IVF procedures. In case you are looking for IVF treatment in Hyderabad, you can contact our IVF specialists here: www.kaminenifertility.com

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