What Is The Right Age for IVF?

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The dreaded biological clock is no longer a hindrance for a career-focused woman today. Assisted reproductive techniques like IVF became a boon to every couple who wishes to take their time before starting their family.

ART procedures like IVF do provide flexibility for the couple to adequately plan their first child. But how much time can IVF grant the said couple? And what is the right age for IVF? These are the questions that commonly come up in the discussion.

Theoretically, under ideal conditions, there is no age bar for an advanced procedure like IVF. Women of any age with healthy eggs can enjoy a healthy pregnancy with IVF

But ideal conditions are not always possible aren’t they?

Like every medical procedure, certain conditions are to be met for a successful outcome. And naturally, age tends to influence these conditions. The answer to the question is nuanced and required a good deal of information which we wish to provide in this blog today.

If you are already aware of the basic information about fertility, you can directly skip to the section - what is the right age for IVF treatment?


  • The window of peak fertility in a woman
  • How IVF guards against the perils of declining fertility in a woman?
  • What is the right age for IVF treatment?
  • Finding the best fertility specialist for IVF treatment in Hyderabad

The window of peak fertility:

Women are born with an average of 2 million eggs which by the time of their first menstruation reduce to 300,000-400,000 in number. For every egg being ovulated, women tend to lose an average of it is 15-20 eggs per month. So by the time pre-menopause hits the total eggs in the ovaries diminish to less than a thousand.

Yes, that is how the reproductive physiology of all women works and that is quite normal.

However, the rate at which the number of eggs reduces differs with age. The decline is slow in the teens and 20s and as a result, a woman of this age group has the highest number of good quality egg which increases their chances of pregnancy. This window is considered the most ideal time for quick healthy pregnancy.

By the time a woman hit her mid-30s women lose most of their eggs in the ovaries. So women post age 35 are left with fewer eggs whose quality also decline as the years go by.

Fortunately, Assisted Reproductive Techniques like IVF can help women from the perils of age-related infertility.

How IVF guards from the perils of declining fertility in a woman?

As woman age, the total number of good-quality eggs reduce considerably and this decreases the chance of conception. The same can happen for men too which further reduces the chance of healthy pregnancy for a woman. Assisted Reproductive Treatments like IVF successfully help the couple overcome age-related infertility to enable a successful pregnancy. Here’s how:

  • The first step of IVF induces superovulation which stimulated the body to produce more eggs.
  • The retrieved eggs and sperm sample undergoes a procedure that finds the healthiest egg and sperm in the lot. They are inseminated in the lab and the fertilized embryos are transferred back to the woman’s womb.

In short, IVF clears all the roadblocks of age-related infertility and paves a high way for a healthy pregnancy.

So that should naturally mean that woman of any age can undergo IVF for a healthy pregnancy, right? Yes and no. Read on to know why.

So what is the right age for IVF treatment?

IVF is the most effective form of Assisted Reproductive Treatment available for couples suffering from infertility. As said above, IVF and its success are more dependent on the health of the eggs and sperm involved in the conception. A higher probability of healthy egg and sperm translates to higher success with IVF.

In a woman, both the quantity and quality of eggs start to decline after the age of 30. Women are in their most fertile state before age 30 after which the fertility rate slowly declines with age. But the decline is steep post-age 35 and by the age of 40, the chance of pregnancy falls to a paltry 5%. Though the decline in fertility is not as steep as women, men experience a similar decline post-age 40 too.

While IVF can be benefitted by a fertile woman of every age, IVF is particularly beneficial for woman for women in the 35-42 age group. That said, with the help of the right fertility specialists, women above this age group can also leverage IVF for a healthy pregnancy.

Finding the right fertility specialist for IVF treatment in Hyderabad:

Every case of infertility is different so is the treatment that is prescribed for healthy pregnancy. Being an advanced reproductive treatment procedure, IVF will need greater expertise and experience. The best IVF center for IVF must not only have an excellent success rate but also have an experience in treating all couples across all groups – like us at Kamineni Fertility.

Being one of the premier IVF centres in Hyderabad, Kameneni fertility has realized the parenthood dream of thousands of couples across all age groups. No other fertility center in Hyderabad has helped more couples than Kamineni Fertility in the past decade.

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