What to Do Next when IVF Fails on the First Try?

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No matter how precise the IVF procedure is, there are always those invisible reproductive health problems that spring up out of nowhere during an IVF cycle. The success of an IVF cycle depends on how effectively a fertility specialist mitigates these defects from interfering with the success.

When not prevented or dodged this invisible shortcoming can lead to negative IVF. So what happens when the first IVF cycle fails and what are the next steps? Let us find this blog here.

Reasons for IVF failure:

As mentioned in our previous blog here, embryo implantation issues, ovarian stimulation problems, chromosomal abnormalities, lifestyle & age are common reasons that often pop up in negative IVF.

In addition to the common factors, there could be other reasons for IVF failure on the first try. Quality and quantity of egg & sperm, quality of ovarian stimulation, lab quality of IVF centres in Hyderabad, egg retrieval and embryo skills of the IVF specialist, uterine and other fertility issues are some of the other reasons that could dampen the chances of IVF.

What to do next when IVF fails on the first try?

In order to maximize the success of IVF on the second try, our fertility specialists at Kamineni Fertility suggest the following:

  • First and foremost, get an honest estimate of the success rate of the IVF procedure on the second try from the IVF hospital in Hyderabad.
  • Make sure the IVF specialists review all the issues listed above to understand the reasons behind the negative IVF.
  • Ovarian stimulation issues and egg quality problems are dealt with thorough drug protocol modifications. Chromosomal abnormalities are pre-screened to ensure good-quality embryos. If embryo implantation problems occur even with good-quality embryos, then it could be either problem with the quality of the egg or a lack of quality IVF labs. Try to understand the process and let the fertility specialist help you understand the inherent cause.
  • Donor sperm, embryo or even donor eggs can be considered too after reviewing all the above problems they can be a final resort in IVF optimization.
  • Human reproductive health is complex, there are many invisible infertility issues that show up for the first time and an IVF fertility centre may not have enough technological breadth to uncover the invisible issues that we discussed above. So always ensure that your IVF centre has a good track record with years of experience and expertise in IVF treatment procedures.

Ensure IVF success by picking the right IVF Hospital:

IVF creates the best possible opportunity for the couple to realize parenthood at the same time but not every couple experience success on the very first try. The dash of hope and disappointment after a negative IVF is natural but failure on the first try is only a hurdle that can easily be crossed with the right IVF expertise. So always ensure to have the services of the best possible IVF treatment centre to increase the chances of success and save time.

Being one of the early pioneers of IVF treatment in Hyderabad Kamineni Fertility offers one of the most successful IVF programs. Our award-winning IVF treatment in Hyderabad is the culmination of years of experience, cutting-edge IVF infrastructure and more importantly, constant diligence and consistent implementation of our IVF program which is fine-tuned over the years.

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