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Tubal Disease

What are tubal factors causing subfertility?

Tubal factors account for 25% of all causes of subfertility. A Normal tubal function is important for conception. Tubal disorders (block / abnormal function) can block an egg from entering or traveling down the fallopian tube to meet the sperm, preventing fertilization. Pelvic infections and sexually transmitted infections damage the tube.

Tubal disorders can be diagnosed using various tests like Hysterosalpingography (HSG), Saline sonography, Laparoscopy with Chromotubation (dye test).

What is Hydrosalpinx?

Hydrosalpinx is a fallopian tube that is filled with fluid. It is caused by an injury to the end of the tube, which causes the end to close. Glands within the tube produce a watery fluid that collects within the tube and produces swelling. It is one of the common tubal factors for infertility

How does it affect fertility and infertility treatment?

It increases risk of ectopic pregnancy. It decreases the success rates of IVF by preventing embryo implantation. This is due the back flow of the harmful fluid from the hydrosalpinx.

Hence, It needs to be removed or separated from the uterus before commencing IVF treatment.

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