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World Class IVF Lab

State of the Art Lab

We are proud to announce that  our centre is fully equipped with most advanced ART embryology laboratory setup on par with International and European standards in the state of Telangana. We have L126MP fully integrated workstation (high-resolution microscopes micromanipulators with laser system) and Integrated high resolution stereo microscope. It facilitates us to deal with complex male factor and PGD procedures in clean air, to optimize the success rates.

ART Embryology Lab

L126MP : Workstation integrated with Laser system, micro manipulator and stereo zoom microscope(Olympus SZX10). We are the first to introduce L126MP in Telangana.

CODA Tower: For cleaning of air and providing the best clean environment The Coda Tower is used to filter the air in the IVF lab or the procedure room. We use it to filter out airborne contaminants and maintain clean air in ART area .

Air Handling Unit : Containing 0.3 micron HEPA filter provide clean air. HEPA Filters are used in Laminar flow hoods to provide maximum protection for products mixed in the laboratory or mixed and dispensed in the pharmacy.

Andrology Lab
Our lab is equipped with high quality incubators, temperature controlled centrifuge and Laminar air flow to optimize the Sperm preservation ,survival and function.
Procedures carried out are Semen analysis, Semen evaluation, semen preparations and IUI.

PGD Lab:
We carry out post biopsy lysing the blastomere for nuclei and fixation.

Financial Health Care Support
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